Can SEO really double your customer leads in three weeks?  The answer is yes and no.  It really depends on how bad your online presence is.  If you have no presence then yes, doubling your customer leads in three weeks can be a huge boost.

One of the most seen photos we have taken is of a small store in the middle of nowhere off the beaten path. The store depended on a little neighborhood to survive and after a major rent hike it wasn’t making it.

We took a look at the business and found that there was a fishing spot not too far away.  This little store was half the distance to town, so the higher prices were easily justified.

A little SEO work to clean up the website, a local listing citation fix and a few new photos and reviews and boom, business doubled.  Sadly for us the highly relieved owner took the opportunity to sell and run.  The new owners did not continue our services and are wondering why business is dropping.

Another similar situation happened in the small town just over the hill from the market.  The town is a regular tourist boom town.  Summer and winter the town is packed.  At the very ends of town rent was cheap and parking was ample as all the known restaurants and stores were in the middle.

An unknown bakery opened up quietly at the end of the strip plus a block.  A little local SEO work and people were making the trek down there, bypassing other known shops.

SEO for retail is needed, how much it can help grow your business depends on how much business there is and how much of it you are missing.  Find out what we can do and sign up for one of our hands-free managed SEO plans.