Having reviews makes a difference.  No matter how you look at it, reviews matter.  Some people have called the big review sites, government sanctioned extortion.  Some sued.  All lost.

A couple of years ago a judge ruled that Yelp! was not extorting money as “No one believes all of the reviews are real”.   And yet Yelp will call and tell you a business with one extra star can see a big increase in revenue.

Our experience says that is very true and why we offer both a review capture service to help you get more of your happy clients to review your business, and a reputation management service to help you maintain the good ratings.

How bad can it get?  One restaurant posted on their door, “If you like us, give us one star on Yelp!, we hate Yelp!”  Within weeks the place was packed and the one star ratings ballooned.

In the case of one of our customers, the competitor came in and made a one star review.  It took six months to get that one removed, and almost a year to get a real customers review posted.  B.S.? Yup.  A fact of doing business in todays world? You bet.

Worse that bad reviews are few to no reviews.  If you have one four star review and your competition has 55 three stars, guess what?  Your competition gets the business.

All of our managed SEO plans start with a review service.  Why not get your reviews moving in the right direction today?