Marketing Automation

Become the King of Followup and Never Lose a Lead Again!

Marketing Automation

What Is Marketing Automation?

Since our beginnings in 1995, we have been building websites and helping our customers connect with online customers. Marketing automation is the natural next step.  Many years ago we discovered that business owners didn't have time to follow up on every lead.  Knowing which leads were hot, warm and cold was an inexact science.  Until now that is.  Marketing Automation is exactly the follow up tool you need allowing customers to stay in the loop, and let you know when they are hot and really need the call.

When it is time for you to call the hot lead, you get a notice on your calendar.  No lost sticky notes or unsaved contacts in your phone.  Never lose a lead again!

Serivces Tailored to You and Your Customers

Marketing Automation is an online system designed to capture every lead and follow up just like you wish you had the time too - all built for you.

You Can Do It. We offer base packages where you can use our templates and build your own marketing automation system. This is popular with smaller companies that don't have any marketing budget yet. You can call for support on an hourly basis as needed..

Turn Key You get our team to look at your business and your customers and build you a custom automation system so that no lead is lost.  You grow your business without losing time building your system, all with our best-in-the-business staff & support.

You get to focus on your business, not your lead followup.

Advanced Marketing Strategy

Our modules use time tested email and telephone campaigns to insure your potential new customer is connected until they are ready to become a new customer.  You only spend time with the leads that are ready, no more time wasted on looky Lou leads.


    We do the work to connect you with the right online users.



    Mobile - Local - Regional

  • Social Media Reach Programs Included.

Marketing Automation Features

Hands Free: Potential new customers find your website because of our online marketing expertise, Once they are in the system, the system will follow up to make sure they are ready to buy. Once they are, if there is a way to sell online, the system can do that too!  If not, you get a note on your calendar when they want you to call. End the cold call, stick to hot leads!

Dedicated Campaign Manager: We've created a division dedicated to managing your campaign and keeping you up-to-date on strategy while also being able to answer any questions you have while your campaign is in motion.

Marketing Automation Pricing

Self Starter

$2250 Per Month, USD
  • Home or Solo Entrepreneur 
  • Basic Templates
  • DIY programming
  • one hour of live support included
  • Low cost of entry
Purchase Plan

Professional MA

$3375 Per Month, USD. Value
  • Professional Office or Single Location
  • Standard Templates
  • Annual Billing Option
  • Monthly Reviews
  • Complete Reporting
  • 100% Customized for your Business
Purchase Plan

Premium MA

$9250 Per Month, USD
  • One Large or up to 5 Small Location
  • Pro Plus
  • Up to Five Product/Services
  • Bi-Monthly Reporting
  • Multiple Location Option
Purchase Plan

Ideal for busy Owners.

Our Pro and Premium packages are almost hands off for you.  We manage the Setup, design and operation.  Your time is spent reviewing  results selling to your new customers. Sign up for a Free Consultation and Three months of our newsletter free! ($149 value)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a subscription?
Yes, the Marketing Automatio packs are an automatically billed subscription. Marketing Automation is an ongoing process so we encourage everyone who wants to see sustained results to continue monthly, however we don't have any contracts you can cancel at any time.

What type of research is done?
When you get the  Pro or Premium plan, you are assigned a dedicated marketing automation expert campaign manager who will research your website, market space and competition to identify how we are going to build your marketing funnel.

What niches / keywords do you not accept?
We don't accept any grey niches or non-English keywords for SEO Pro packages.