Which is more important, follow up with existing customers or chasing new customers? Small business owners ask that question all the time. When I started out in business a lifetime or so ago, I was always chasing down new customers. Once I had a few I stopped following up with the customers I had and kept chasing new ones. This creates a whirlwind that goes no where.

It took me a long time, and a second business in fact to realize something. I realized that the old saying “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” applies to business. Until that day, I thought it only applied to greedy bird hunters.

If you have a customer, that is the bird in the hand. He is what feeds you not the two you are chasing in the bush. Great hunters use dogs to flush birds out of the bush without losing the one that they have in their hand don’t they. A good sales team should be out there flushing out those new customers. If only it were that easy.

Marketing Automation helps you do both. A good marketing automation system tends to your current customers, and makes sure you don’t miss an opportunity for an upset or a referral. A modern way to “kill two birds with one stone” I guess.

Three Key Steps to Success and Profit

Running a business is a process. The first step is knowing what your customers problem is that you can solve. It doesn’t matter what your business is. People only give you money because you solve a problem. You might not think that, but change your viewpoint until you understand the problem you solve. In the home theater world, it could be “security” or “privacy”. Rich people don’t like being in the general public sometimes.

I know that the customers of the Bourquin Group have an issue with three problems. Website marketing, Customer Follow up, and search Engine Optimization. Over time we built three businesses under the Bourquin Group umbrella, each to solve only one of those problems. This way my customer decides what they want help with and each business focuses on one solution.

The second part of running a business is knowing how to position your business as the solution to the customers problems and put that solution in front of the customer. This blog is just one of the tools that we use to do that. Generally speaking this is what your marketing team does for you. A marketing team or company positions your business or brand as the solution your customers need.

Want to Learn More?

Finally you must sell the customer and nurture them. In the sales funnel model that we use there are actually seven steps to the funnel. Each Step is handled by one of our companies, except one. That is the actual delivery of the sale. If we did that you wouldn’t need us, and we would own your business. Amazon does that part for many small businesses and when it comes to products that someone else can sell, that isn’t a recipe for long term success. Unless you are Amazon that is.

Your solution to your customers problems should be unique enough it can’t be replicated or solved by a competitor at a lower price. Yes you might find lower priced website hosting than FireRockWeb.Com or you might find a better price on SEO than we offer here at FireRockSEO, but you won’t find a better performing package or a better skilled team to put on your side.

There is a reason that you can buy four cupcakes at the supermarket for $3.99 that are stacked in a pile, and there is a line out the door of several cupcake stores selling one cupcake for $5.99 or more. Even cupcakes can have a unique selling proposition. Not sure what yours is? Schedule a free consultation.